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Fantastic! You have chosen to lose weight and are considering having your weight loss surgery abroad. There are several options available so which method of weight loss is the best for you?

Some of the weight loss surgery abroad options may be ruled out due to current medical diagnoses, so it is of great significance that you explain to us everything about your health as well as social and dietary trends. It is also important to include how old you are, personal daily routines, eating habits and also your budget.   The Gastric Sleeve, Mini Gastric Bypass and Gastric Balloon are all methods Gastric Surgery Cyprus can offer however, some of these methods will have better results than others.  It is imperative to be truthful with the information you provide so we can help you to make the right decision for your weight loss surgery abroad.   It is important to first decide “how much weight do I want to lose?”

Gastric Sleeve

BMI>35 A procedure which has increased in popularity due to its success. Around 85% of the stomach will be removed permanently and then the remainder will form a “tight sleeve” The reduction in stomach volume causes the patient to feel full more quickly after the surgery. After the initial recovery the hunger hormone is drastically altered further lowering your appetite  On average patients tend to lose in excess of 30KG with this procedure.  For further information, please click here.

gastric sleeve

Gastric Balloon

Appropriate for a BMI>27. This operation, performed under sedation, involves the insertion of a soft silicon balloon into the stomach via the gastrointestinal tract with endoscopic assistance.  Gastric Surgery Cyprus offer the Allergan balloon which can be placed in the stomach for up to 10 months. On average patients have lost between 15 – 20kg with this procedure. In some rare cases where a person’s BMI is extremely high, a gastric balloon can help them reduce this into a safer position for further surgery.  For further information, please click here.

Gastric Balloon

Mini Gastric Bypass

This operation, performed under general anaesthetic, involves dividing the stomach using a laparoscopic stapler to reduce the size of the stomach.  Weight loss immediately afterwards will be very fast and there can be complications such as hair loss, nutrition deficits and also loose skin. It is extremely important that you are strict with the vitamins and vitamins that you need to take to avoid this. For further information, please click here.

Weight Loss Surgery Gastric Bypass

Hopefully this small guide will be able to help you chose what is right for you but here at Gastric Surgery Cyprus we also advise to do plenty of reading into other people’s surgeries and outcomes.  Remember, it is not solely about the losing weight but the personal life changes that will come with it.  It is a lifelong commitment so ensure that you and our team at Gastric Surgery Cyprus chose the right option for your weight loss surgery abroad.


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